Welcome to Residence Villa Claudia and thank you to have to opt for us to spend your summer.

In order to make pleasant your visit, please take note of the following guidelines:

  • Timetable of our staff:

Morning: From 07.30 to 09.30

Afternoon: From 16.00 to 19.00

  • Tourist Tax, € 0,50 daily per person(max. 10 consecutevely days). Children under 10 years old and people over 90 years old are exempt to payment.
  • Check-in will be take place from 16.00 to 18.30
  • The payment of reservation, would be take place during the Check-in, with the following methods of payment: By Cash, Via Bank transfer or by Bank Check.
  • The balance of extra costs will be pay the day before of Check-out.
  • Is not required payment of deposit. The damages bring about equipments or house furnishings will be in charge of responsible.
  • Day of Check-out, the guests must leave the apartment within 10am o’clock. It is possible, after request of the guest, delay time set. The apartment would be tidy, without wastes and personal effects.
  • In case of early departure, The clients should be pay the total amount of reservation, in accordance with the art. 1385 and 1386 of Civil Code and following changes
  • In case of night departure or before 08.30am, the client should be take place check-out and the payment of extra costs, in the afternoon of previously day of departure.
  • Visit by external people, even in case of overnight stays, should be approve from Management team.
  • The outdoor tables, located in front of ground floor apartments, are reserved for guests staying there.
  • The loss of keys, or their forgetfulness inside the door lock, will involve a refund of Euro 20,00.
  • Internal Parking is free and reserved for guests of residence. It is unsupervised. The Management team is not responsible to damages or thefts bring about cars. For each apartment is assign one parking space.
  • It is forbidden overtake 10km/h inside the residence.
  • Pets are allowed. Dogs must be kept on a leash. It is necessary a personal use of pets bed, litter, bag and dustpan. Their excrement must be pick up by the owners and deposited in the relative bins. It is forbidden to introduce animals in the children’s play area, for hygenical reasons.
  • The management declines all responsibility for injuries to adults and children, who must be accompanied by their parents or carers.
  • It is obligatory, for all guests, to respect the silence from 02.00pm to 04.00pm
  • Breakfast timetable: From 07.30am to 09.00am. Clients with food intolerant, would be to inform the staff.
  • The Management team is not responsible of thefts, loss or damages to values or objects.
  • Change linen included in the fare is once a week. For extra change, it is provided an extra additional.
  • At the discretion of the management, the non-compliance of these rules and the improper behavior, may involve a forced departure. In this case, the amount paid will not be pay back to the guest. The management could request a compensation for any damages and biases.